Frequently Asked Questions

About ordering
  Q Can I cancel the ordered item? A You can cancel the item before it has been shipped.  
Please note that you will be charged a separate round-trip shipping fee for cancellations after shipping.
Q I received a product that is different from the one I ordered, or a defective product. Can I return it? A Yes, in that case, if you contact us immediately, we will deliver the correct product immediately. Q Is it possible to reserve the product? A Sorry, we cannot reserve it. However, please contact us for bulk orders. Q When will the ordered product arrive? A In the case of Japan, we will deliver the product to the customer in about 3 to 6 days after receiving the order, and in the case of a remote island, it will take about 1 week. However, please note that we may not be able to deliver as you wish due to the concentration of orders, traffic conditions at the destination, weather, etc.

About shipping